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Fanfiction uchiha b

By | 07.10.2020

What if Naruto was born in the Uchiha clan and was scorned due to being Izuna Uchiha's son and Madara Uchiha's nephew by the whole village? How would events roll about as he forges down his own path and gains the respect and love of the village to finally climbing the ladder and do what no Uchiha had ever done : Become Hokage. The Uchiha clan, one of the two most formidable clans in Konohagakure no sato. It wasn 't a secret to anyone that they were one of the two founder clans of the Hidden Leaf village.

Neither was it a secret to anyone that it was one of it's founding father's, belonging to that very clan, that betrayed and attempted to annihilate the very place he nurtured with his own hands. The name alone was enough to instill fear among the hearts of any and every shinobi worth their salt, anyone who had ever picked up a history book regarding shinobis knew that name.

The power to cave landscapes and mark a whole new valley, just to leave a mark when the man really went all out in his battle prowess. The Valley of the End was still a reminder to all those who had ever mistaken to forget the name of the menacing legend, the devil that once roamed across the Land of Fire like the Reaper himself.

Annihilating the very existence of any person he found unworthy of breathing from the very face of the earth. Yes, Madara Uchiha, the tyrant, crimson eyed demon, the very virtue of death himself.

Many names had been given to the legendary shinobi but none had ever imagined him to be a man who would ever even think to have a family. The man who was rumored to be completely unstoppable against anyone other than the legendary Shodai Hokage Hashirama Senju.

The same man wielding the Mokuton, the only one who ever went toe to toe with Madara, and lived the next day to tell his tale. The man who tamed the Lord of the Bijuus, the Kyuubi in the palm of his hands with a mere glance of his menacing eyes. He married a simple woman, and he had a son. A child, born when the man had married a woman of his own clan, one who had managed to creep into the small cracks that were in that stone faced man's heart.

Together they got married and gave birth to a child. A child who was trained by his father, to meet the expectations of his eyes. No one knew of their existence even within the village, since Madara's fame brought with itself the hatred of his enemies too.

The child who he had named after the very brother who had succumbed to his wounds, in his very arms and had left Madara with the power to take on the world by himself. Waiting for the time to break free his fangs and claws and wipe the very existence of the people who he believed were the reason for his family's destiny. His mother, who he loved with all his heart had gone to the point of death just because the grief of losing her husband had been too much for her to handle.

That had been the night, the night when he had let the darkness that hid in the skies to overtake his very being and gift him the power to wipe out anyone in his path. That night he had awakened the eyes that were only wielded once in history by his father.

With the new power coursing through his veins, he had started his rampage. The rampage that had destroyed the better part of a third of the village's infrastructure and countless lives were lost in his wake of total insanity. It was as if history was repeating itself. As if their predecessors had taken birth yet again through a reincarnation. Tobirama Senju, the Nidaime Hokage of Konohagakure no sato had taken charge that night.

He was the one who stood in front of the insane man and stopped his slaughter midway before it could continue on any further. Surely he was no where near the levels of power his elder brother, Hashirama Senju once wielded. But after years of experience as a shinobi and as a Hokage to the village there were few who dared to challenge him to a fight. However Izuna Uchiha wasn't any man. The fight had lasted the better part of the night before his newly awakened eyes had no more to give into the fight against the Fire Shadow who stood tall above the defeated man that lay on his feet.

There were few that Tobirama had respected in his life with all his heart. His elder brother and surprisingly Madara Uchiha was one of them.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto Uchiha X. Sort: Category. I refuse to leave my Beloved Hachishaku-sama Red Thorn by moguera reviews As a child, Ruby Rose ran away from home to escape her father's controlling and overprotective attitude. Years later, Ruby returns to Vale, only to find herself invited into Beacon Academy, where she'll have to make friends, reunite with family, help train a deadbeat teammate, and maybe even find love And maybe help save the world If she can find time for it.

I Dream of Evangelion by Traitor of All Traitors reviews Before he receives the letter that instructs him to go to Tokyo-3 to meet his father, young Shinji wished for someone to care about him and be kind to him.

On that day, the wish was granted…and he encountered her. When she came with him, she brought a dark secret with her, one that was able to be either a blessing…or a curse, and her curse became her advantage.

Vengeance of the Seven by Traitor of All Traitors reviews Sometimes, the best way to ensure a real future free of hurt, you have to turn to different parts of the ancient past. Sometimes, the only way to get revenge on those that hurt you without even laying a finger on you…is to unleash your darkest desires that you keep locked away.

If you could unleash every dark aspect of your soul to do good, would you do it?

fanfiction uchiha b

Read and review. Naruto knew, but for happiness, he chose to ignore it. Reality, however, had a cruel way of reeling him in. Embers of Hope by NeonZangetsu reviews Salem's heart died long ago with her children.

It had turned cold and black, like the Grimm she commanded. All that remained were the faded embers of Hope. Tiny, forgotten feelings, wasted sentiment she had no need of. She needed nothing.In real life, I'm a 27 year old medical devices researcher. I travel around the world, hanging around in operating rooms, interviewing surgeons, and making observations. It's similar to being an anthropologist, in that I immerse myself in a 'culture' and make observations from an outsider's perspective.

In not-real life, I write fanfiction in my spare time, as both a hobby and a means of improving my writing. At this point, my original fiction takes precedence, but I still manage to generate quite a lot of crappy fanfic. My main fandoms are Harry Potter and Game of Thrones these days. No, I can't. For some reason, links don't stick on ffnet, and I only check my fanfiction.

If you're looking for cut scenes from Bad Romance, Lacrimosa, etc. I don't have a timeline in place, and it's not a priority, but I fully intend to finish all of my stories.

I have been incredibly lucky to have been given the following incredible pieces of artwork for my stories. Check em out! On Sleepless Roadsby Mariico. Stockholm Syndromeby Mariico. Lacrimosaby QueenDreamV. Lacrimosaby MeriLynelle. The Scientistby QueenDreamV.

fanfiction uchiha b

It's what I imagined exactly. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Merits by moor reviews Zutara,Jetara. Modern Vampire AU. A scholarship-student in med school, Katara's writing a paper on porphyria, the 'vampire disease', and how it related to the legends of evil spirits in her tribe's lore.

Zuko, a vampire, wants more. Fulfilling Obligations by forbiddenharmony7 reviews Did you ever wonder what happened in the 19 years between the last chapter and the epilogue of Deathly Hallows? Or what happens afterward? Right Place, Wrong Time? That is, until a certain bossy, crazy-haired witch stepped through the entrance. Is this your usual time travel story - or is something else at play?Some of my writings may or may not contain triggers.

If you experience a trigger, then please stop reading or continue at your own discretion. Priesterin is not abandoned for any left that are wondering. I am simply writing for other fandoms for the moment to back into the flow of writing since I took a long hiatus. And with the way the Attack on Titan manga is going, I may have to re-plan some things.

I am sorry and thank those who are still waiting. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Uchiha B hide bio. Sort: Category. With someone as tough as nails for a friend, Ayanokoji should've stopped when she was given the chance. A story about a lost woman uncomfortable in her own skin and how she saw, came, and loved.

A KagX? Contradiction by Limitless Musings reviews Her existence was something beyond the simplistic labels of hero and villain. She was a being that their society couldn't understand.

To them she was dangerous, but to him, she was necessary. Love Hoop by MizukixTsukiyomi reviews From battling demons to watching demons on a basketball court is something the miko never dared to dream.

These males were nothing but normal in this competitive sport, but who knew males were more competitive when it came to wanting something more than just the title of a winner.

Kagome was stuck in the world of a basketball war. After she's finished in the past, Mama-Higurashi sends her to be with her father. A man she doesn't know, who didn't even know she existed until she arrived on his doorstep. Things just got awkward. Will be done as a drabble series.Sorry, life for me has since moved on from when I began writing these stories and I can't get back into writing them.

No motivation for it nor do I have any notes pertaining to where I wanted to go with plots and characters etc. Feel free to take up my story ideas and adopt them as your own. Thank you everyone who supported me back when I was active, being able to publish here has given me the confidence to work on my writing ability and improve dramatically since I was a teenager.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. UchihaMadara hide bio. Sort: Category. Accepting life, she is sent to a new master, one who needs a guardian to protect and guide him. Together, with friends they make along the way, the two of them will tear Dumbledore's plans to shreds.

Seriously, no flames. Don't like, don't read. Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet by YoullNeverCatchMeAliveSaidHe reviews Harry's name comes out of the goblet and he's had enough, he's sick of pretending to be stupid and constantly fighting against the whole world. It's time to step up. This is a long and a slow build though, spanning most of the fourth year. There will be no over night changes, trauma recovery takes time, months.

He's not going to wake up and start ass kicking the next day. The Shadow of Angmar by Steelbadger reviews The Master of Death is a dangerous title; many would claim to hold a position greater than Death. A year later Angmar falls and Harry is freed. What will he do with the eternity granted to him? Story begins years before LotR. Eventual major canon divergence. Rated M for language and graphic violence.

Dumbledore bashing, apparently. The War Treaty by SplicedChild reviews Reina Senju was hidden during the warring states era for safety of the shinobi world.

After the war had ended, Reina was reunited with her loved ones in the Hidden Leaf Village. She inevitably meets Madara Uchiha, the infamous warlord and leader of the Uchiha clan. Madara obsesses over Reina and concocts a plan to make her his weapon. What happens devious plans are set into motion? The only way Harry can get free of those who wish to use him is to agree to an already made betrothal contract created by Dorea Black-Potter.

Will this simple thing change the course of Harry's predestined future? Will he remain neutral or will he turn dark when he learns everything Dumbledore's done? Orochimaru started to experiment on him at a young age.

What happens when Naruto gets older and bloodlines start to appear.This is not a short sequel. In fact, it can serve as it's own stand-alone story barring a few mentions that harken back to events that took place during Sleeping With the Enemy.

random akatsuki fanfic ^^ for shinobilife99's b day!^^

If you haven't read the first story I do recommend reading that before diving into this but you don't really have to. This story is not exactly linear either.

It will dip in and out of the years and lives of all the characters we know and love. This story is unbeta'd. So yea. I've essentially given up on trying to find one so I guess just deal with my drunk mistakes until I go back and catch them later.

Rating: M. Although much tamer than my usual works there will be mature themes, explicit language, and sex not lots of it but it'll be there. A is for Uchiha. The Hyuuga let out a deep breath of relief as both of her feet were finally on solid ground.

fanfiction uchiha b

At a little over seven months pregnant she was much too large to climb the many steps of the ancient Atami shrine. However, this was an Uchiha tradition that harkened back to a time before there were even solid steps to climb. Back to when it was merely a path etched into the hill by the many generations that came before. As sweat from the summer sun rolled down her forehead she could only feel pity for all of the other Uchiha women who had taken this trek.

The wrinkles in her pale face were plentiful, detailing all of her years of wisdom. Behind her all of the other Uchiha women followed her up the steps, none of them had appeared to even break a sweat despite wearing all black. Inwardly Hinata fumed at the fact that perfection was a hereditary trait among Sasuke's clan.

Turning away from the perfect women she looked up at the centuries-old shrine, shielding her eyes slightly with her hand. The Atami shrine was certainly something to behold. As they passed under the blood red archways that led to the open air interior, she marveled at the complex murals on the ceilings and monsterous carvings of the Gods that jutted out from the beams.

The air was already thick with the smoke from the incense that were burning at the golden altar. A weathered priest stood next to the altar, a large bushel of burning sage in his hand. Hinata stepped down onto the graveled inner courtyard, her party following silently behind her save for the crunching of their feet.

Mikoto helped to steady her as they trekked across the uneven terrain to get to the priest. This was the most physical activity she'd had in a while and she could almost feel herself sway under her own gravity.

A sharp jolt through her belly let her know that her babies were not too happy with this situation either. Mikoto gave her a concerned look when she noticed the flash of pain across her face.

Hinata returned the woman's concern with a small smile, grinning through the pinching pain, and kept moving forward.The testing done today with all of you will go on your report cards, so please take this seriously…" the teacher spoke, his voice and eyes pointedly glaring at a certain blonde haired kunoichi of his who merely stuck her tongue out at the man for pointing at him specifically.

Naruto took the paper from the instructor, putting it down on his desk with the blank side facing him as was instructed to them and waited patiently on his desk, his fingers crossed in front of his mouth with an almost peaceful aura surrounding him. The instructor stood in front of the class, glancing at the clock to see it was almost time and spoke up as soon as the second hand of the clock hit Naruto flipped the test around, his eyes working their way through the questions furiously to see if there was anything that would trouble him.

And much to his relief there wasn't anything of that caliber, instead it seemed a little easy to him. His baby blue eyes glanced to the side, to see Sakumo raring past the test like an enraged bull and he snickered softly at the boy who seemed like he would burn straight through the paper in a few moments.

Then he glanced up front into the second row from the front where his blonde friend sat and he let out a soft sigh from his lips. She hated history with a passion, what were they going to do with knowing who became the Shodaime Tsuchikage after all?

That guy was most probably dead for crying out loud. Now anatomy and biology were cool, she always aced those tests.

It just intrigued her so much and she would be able to know more about the workings about the human body with that. Not learn about some stupid guy who has been dead for decades and haunting her right life right now.

fanfiction uchiha b

She pulled out her hair in frustration, how could she have fallen asleep when she had finally decided to get to studying for this last night? Oh that's right, it was so boring that she had fallen asleep quicker than listening to a lullaby. And she didn't even want to know what her granduncle was going to say when he heard of this, which he most probably would.

Plus, shinobi didn't play fair, that at least put some of his guilt at rest for doing this. He flicked out a kunai when the instructor was listening to a student's doubts regarding a question, for which he was quite glad right now. He saw the small amount of blank space at the bottom end of the paper and smiled a small smile, brushing his hand through his silky hair coming onto his eyes to seem totally normal to everyone around him.

He channeled some chakra into it while it was right above his lap, the kunai hummed a little making him quite nervous and glance up to see no one had noticed and quickly cut a straight line on the bottom end of the paper.

The kunai cut cleanly through it as if a machined cut, leaving no evidences that he had tampered with it and pocketed his kunai again, picking his pencil up to start working on 'two' of his tests. He ticked all the multiple choice questions one by one with relative ease, whizzing past them and writing down the answers at the bottom of the cleanly cut paper to some of the rest of them. The teacher walked up, looking about the class and stopped by Naruto's side.

His eyes narrowed in on the boy's paper, quite specifically, the bottom half of it. Naruto was barely containing his nervousness and kept going through ticking the questions so as to not rouse any attention from the examiner for their test right now. Naruto let out a sigh in relief and continued working on both his tests quickly and efficiently. The cut was made so clean that the teacher hadn't noticed it and he was glad for that right now.

His training was paying off in spades right now. He put his pencil down as soon as the last question on it was answered and looked up to see Tsunade with with her hands over her head while her chin rested on her desk, no doubt still lost as to what she would do now. He slid the small slip from the bottom of the test out and put it over his lap, held between his index and middle fingers.

His eyes glanced to the instructor to wait for him to get into the perfect position for him to do this. His eyes narrowed calculatingly when the man reached the far end of the other corner and his back turned to him. There's no way he'll see this…" he thought, a smirk now adorning his lips as the slip in between his fingers hummed and straightened like a slim sheet of metal when chakra coursed through it and he flicked it expertly towards his target with a flick of his wrist.

Tsunade looked up startled when a slip of paper embedded into her desk like a shuriken with it's corner engulfed deep in the wood. A moment later it lost it's sharp edges and fell down like a simple slip of paper that she quickly slid down onto her lap before someone saw it.

She looked to her side to see her partner too nervous to notice and turned her honey eyes down to her lap.

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